Chicago Cargo is an alternative to a lifestyle of cars, traffic, waste and frustration. It’s not just about moving stuff, it’s about getting people moving. Whether you need to haul 200 pounds of coffee beans to Hyde Park or your 20 pound Beagle to the vet, Chicago Cargo can help get you, your things, and your family moving.

Check out Larry vs. Harry Bullitt


“Because you’ll be the fastest cargo-carrier on two wheels.”


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Bikes for families

Owning and operating a car costs about $9,000 a year on average. Most of the time there’s one or two people in the car, and then it sits parked. Our Bullitt cargobikes carry children and groceries everywhere you need to go.

Bring your kid, bring your dog, bring a picnic. Take a spin and decide for yourself.

Bikes for business

Cycle-logistics for your company

Chicago Cargo also offers consulting services to help you find ways to mitigate high delivery costs, or meet your business’s goals of increasing brand recognition and reducing emissions.

Why talk to Chicago Cargo

We can help you integrate bicycles into your business’s operations in order to better manage travel or delivery costs, reduce emissions, and bringing attention to your business with a novel and bright delivery vehicle.

We’re experts in moving products in urban areas on bicycles.

Why use a bike for business

Using a bike for work brings many benefits, some of which affect the direct costs of doing business:

  • Cost effective. Bicycles have extremely low operating costs.
  • Energy efficient. Bicycles do not have emissions or pollute the air. Electric-assist bicycles can be recharged from sustainable sources.
  • Agile. Bicycles move through congested traffic easily and don’t have parking issues. You’ll never get a traffic citation.
  • Brand awareness. Show your commitment to sustainable and green business practices – let everyone know in a loud way that you mean what you say.